The technologically heavy world of igaming can seem daunting from the outside, not just for women but to all. Talk of AI, UX, UI, segmentation and global content can scare off more than just your usual timid souls, but for women, a barrier to true tech-heavy roles remains somewhat. For myself, the potential and excitement spoke for itself. At Betby, we get to engage with AI and machine learning, while gaining a deeper understanding of customer behaviour by using RFM segmentation. This is before even touching on anti-fraud, our esports range Betby.Games, and the continued increase in technological advancement. For a problem-solver, there are few fields as genuinely engaging as igaming, with so many challenges and hurdles, but with such rewards when these are overcome.

Being a Product Owner in a forward-thinking tech company gives an opportunity that is hard to find anywhere else in the world. The main challenge in our line of work is keeping the balance between improving our product and satisfying customer needs, while also remaining authentic. There’s a lot of weighing decisions but it’s important to keep an open mind throughout the product development process, and not get tunnel vision. Our focus is to remain in the sweet spot between statistic-based decisions, as well as true creativity.

As a wider industry, there is a growing trend of women engaging in technical roles, but it’s impossible to change the mindset of the world in an instant. This means that we need to maintain that momentum and see real, tangible growth.

Outdated gender discrimination based on uneducated myths that women are incapable of taking on the demands of executive or tech roles due to their inherent skillsets still persists, but that’s being proven wrong every single day.

Thanks to neuroscience breakthroughs, self-education and wider awareness, it is clear that both companies within the industry and the wider world at large has recognised that there is no limit to the capabilities of women in the workplace, and there’s more encouragement than ever to allow employees regardless of gender to flourish. With that said, it’s important to note that there’s still a lot of work that can be done towards gender discrimination that is out of company’s hands - if girls from a young age are raised with the incentive that their main goal should be raising kids, having low ambitions and the gender-specific jobs is a normal thing, then we are just cutting their wings long before they’ll fly off to the corporate world.

There are examples all over the world of new communities and initiatives being created that specifically target girls in tech, where they can exchange experiences, sign up for courses and even be assisted in finding a job within tech roles.

We are increasingly seeing these sort of programmes and environments, which is hugely positive. It would be great to see more of these divided up by industry, so participants can showcase their enthusiasm and get a real boost in their tech careers. Even simple tests, like anonymous code tests for the recruitment of developers, can go a long way to ensuring the next exciting wave of women in tech comes through.

As for what lies in future for us, it looks very exciting. As an honest employer with an attitude of giving everyone a chance, our team is set to tackle multiple fronts. From expanding our Betby.Games range of AI-driven esports products to adding customisation elements for our clients, there’s an awful lot of new ground for us to break as a company.

For the igaming industry at large, the opportunities almost echo what we have at Betby. With more avenues to success than ever before, and more openness to accepting intelligent ideas, regardless of the source, the future looks bright for women in tech. Although the hard work must not stop.

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