BETBY, the innovative sportsbook supplier, has reimagined the ‘classic’ sportsbook in the design of its latest layout, which significantly boosts the quality of the interface and overall user experience.

BETBY’s latest sportsbook layout - which boasts a fully responsive user interface, easy site navigation and swift betting placement – now features all the benefits of a ‘classic’ sportsbook design.

The restructured sidebar makes for easy navigation, bringing customers to any league of their choice with just a few clicks, while the introduction of advanced filters on organised event cards allows for more key information to be displayed on screen.

User feedback has been utilised to in order to shape the design of the new betslip, including features such as the ability to now ‘pin’ the betslip on the screen, as well as the ability to add last-ditch bets and bonuses directly into the betslip.

With customisation sitting at the heart of the new ‘classic’ layout, customers now have the ability to fully customise their playing environment; if a player wants to be left alone with their game, they can now simply choose to hide the sidebars.

Featuring tournaments centred around popular sports such as Football, Basketball and Tennis, BETBY’s unique AI-driven esports products are available 24/7 across all markets, as is the case with all other titles in the provider’s library of games.

The provider’s complete end-to-end product will be used to offer markets across a wide variety of sporting events and competitions throughout the year, and can be customised for any website via an API integration.

Leonid Pertsovskiy, Chief Executive Officer at BETBY, said: “We are very excited to unveil our most cutting-edge sportsbook layout to date, which has been designed in a bid to significantly enhance the user interface.

“With the unique Betby.Games range now complimented by our new-look sportsbook, we are excited to see what the rest of the year holds for us.”