28th September: BETBY, the innovative sportsbook supplier, has enhanced its sportsbook with its newest feature, Combo Freebets.

Combo Freebets is designed to boost turnover and improve retention by issuing bonuses for winning combination bets, which have proven to be incredibly popular with sports bettors due to the opportunity to win significantly larger amounts from smaller stakes.

As well as being able across any sporting event or competition, its customisable nature ensures it can also be issues to several user segments, which can be optimal for retention campaigns or acquisition drives.
This is the latest example of BETBY’s cutting-edge sportsbook solution providing an improved betting experience to customers.

BETBY’s sportsbook offering is a leader throughout the industry with this additional feature sure to bring even more appeal and excitement to operator partner’s customers.
With innovative widgets, a keen focus on UX, and over 700,000 competitions to wager on, the brand’s sportsbook is widely used across various regulated markets around the world and by a range of tier-one partners.

Aglaja Geta, Senior Product Owner at Betby said: “There is no denying that bettors are always seeking a more engaging experience when using any sports betting platform, and we pride ourselves on providing innovation and excitement within our product suite. Combo Freebets will greatly enhance the enjoyment and thrill of placing these bets, and we are certain that we will see an uplift in engagement.”

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