BETBY, the innovative sportsbook supplier, is set to launch its fully-managed sports betting solution live with WinDaddy.

The operator will utilise the provider’s complete end-to-end product, including BETBY’s Risk Management system, to offer markets on over 600,000 markets a year on a variety of competitions and sporting events.

BETBY will also provide WinDaddy with its proprietary Betby.Games range, a unique AI-led esports solution featuring football, basketball, Rocket League and its newly-launched tennis competitions.

The agreement marks the latest commercial success for BETBY, as the supplier continues its impressive growth trajectory powered by its agile sportsbook and esports solutions.

Leonid Pertsovskiy, Chief Executive Officer at BETBY, said: “We’re always on the lookout for partners with a similar outlook to us, and WinDaddy are equally as ambitious and hungry to embrace innovation as we are.

“With our sportsbook going from strength to strength, complemented by our exciting Betby.Games range, the future looks very bright for us and we’re thrilled to be working with WinDaddy.”

Charis Tsanaktsis, Head of Sportsbook at WinDaddy, said: “BETBY’s sportsbook solution stood out for us with its sleek user interface and incredibly responsive backend. As we look to grow, having the right products in place is vital and we couldn’t be happier to partner with BETBY.

“By also incorporating the Betby.Games range of products, our players now have access to a completely unique betting experience, further highlighting how exciting a partnership this is for us.”