From the 7th to the 9th of February the exhibition parlor ExCel has hosted ICE London 2023 - one of the main events in the iGaming industry. BETBY is a regular attendee and no matter what a tumultuous, this year hasn't been an exception.

For all previous years, this visit became an all-time high in many terms. Stand S1-130 where BETBY settled its novelized Sportsbook Bar covered 85 m2. The central bar counter welcomed for small talks with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee and glassy cubicles on the flanks called for multiperson meetings, which were in abundance.

The BETBY team comprised an unprecedented 15 members with all account managerial staff present, C-level officials, the chief sportsbook officer, integrational expert, PR-pro, PO, head of legal, and even the VP of Engineering.

This year, the artistic caricatures - the main showstopper that already became BETBY's trademark - skyrocketed in popularity severalfold. Invited artists have drawn 170 cartoonish portraits in a course of a three-day exhibition. And the flock of interested didn't thin out till the last hour.

At ICE London 2023, the in-house trading was presented as a stand-alone entity. Coupled with sophisticated risk management it aims to make BETBY's betting software yet more seamless and bulletproof.

Big screens in ExCel premises saw BETBY's new promo video premiere. The primary cast could be seen both in the video and in flesh by the company's stand. Betbyterians are jack-of-all-trades - a bit actors for the reel and big pros for real.